22nd August 2011

AIR-CAMP tests the water at the Western Mobile Home Show. This is the first time we have exhibited at a mobile home gathering and we were overwhelmed at the response. Many new customers are now getting the benefit of AIR-CAMPs quick, powerful and compact systems.

Thanks Terry for sending in these pictures of ROOTSYSTEM in action providing solid ground anchors.


22nd July 2011

REEL-TIE on the rack! A recent tensile strength test of a REEL-TIE tiedown showed that it could withstand a force of at least 0.26 metric tonnes - a little under the weight of 3 adults.

The test machine ran out of juice at that point so we still don't know yet its ultimate strength - but the test REEL-TIE operated quite normally once it was taken off the machine - we are confident that it can withstand a lot more - watch this space.

22nd June 2011

AIR-CAMP featured in the SUMMER 2011 FLYER magazine: ... 'it was easy to use and held well' ... 'it's a nicely designed and engineered system' ... 'light weight and small size make it ideal for flights where space and useful load is at a premium'