5th July  2017

More good weather!

21st October  2016

We are in the Far East for two weeks. We will process your orders as soon as we get back on 7th November.

30th August 2016

See you at LAA Rally Sywell!


30th August 2016

Foxbat tied down at Abbeville. Such a friendly welcome.

17th July 2016

Great SVMC fly-in right down by the severn estuary. Blowy but for those with AIR-CAMP tie downs no problem :-). Thanks to the organisers.

7th July 2016

Thanks everyone who has bought systems on-line over the last few months. We have been focusing on online sales in an effort to avoid raising prices to cover the hefty price of attending the usual shows. When we get a good deal we do try and attend.

10th Dec 2015

Thanks everyone who bought systems at the show in Telford and thaks to the organisers for a great weekend.

Stand T28 at FLYER Live at The International Centre in Telford on Nov 28th & 29th. See you there.

Thanks everyone who bought systems at the show in Telford and thaks to the organisers for a great weekend.

Stand T28 at FLYER Live at The International Centre in Telford on Nov 28th & 29th. See you there.

10th June 2015

Flying down to a picnic by the Severn on Sunday.  We'll have the trusty AIR-CAMP Sport kit in the back just in case. 

12th April 2015

I always think that the new flying season starts with the Popham Microlight Trade Fair.

Weather permitting, AIR-CAMP will be flying in with our tiedowns and setting up shop in the marquee. See you there! Popham 2-3 May.

19th November 2014

The Flying Show 22nd-23rd November 2014 . We try to get the best quality and price from our suppliers. This has led to a couple of our critical components not arriving in time for the show. They are in fact arriving next week (doah!). I have decided to cancel our attendance of the Flying Show this year as we dont have any complete RootSystems or Reel-Ties. Please accept our apologies. You can buy on-line from next week and we will be resumimg normal service at the Popham Microlight Trade Show.

6th September 2014

29th-31st August 2014 LAA Rally . We had a great show as always. We brought a cut down AIR-CAMP stand and stayed indoors this year. Friday was a bit windy and we had some pilots rush in to get tie-downs. Saturday was a bit better and Sunday was calmer and Sunny.

2nd May 2014

Popham Microlight Trade Fair. Always a good day out. See you there.

23rd August 2013

27th November 2013

Hi All.  We are at the Flying Show again this year (Sat 30th Nov-Sun 1st Dec).  Hope to see you there.  Flew up through the Welsh borders last week.  Stunning scenery but the wind got up as we were leaving for home.

23rd August 2013

We are away til the 27th August flying in Europe. Any orders will be dispatched as soon as we can after that. Looking forward to the LAA Show.

22nd July 2013

I am not sure whether I can cope with all this good weather!
We had a great AeroExpo - sold out again.
Looking forward to the LAA Show

20th May 2013

Popham was fun though we could only make it on the Sunday. Saturday was quite wet and blustery I understand.
See you at AeroExpo 31st May -2nd June

5th April 2013

I think its stopped raining/snowing/blowing a gale! ROOTSYSTEM works a treat on the frozen ground we have been experiencing.

16th November 2012

Its coming up to Christmas again and the Flying Show is nearly upon us (1st & 2nd Dec at the NEC). The AIR-CAMP Outpost will be there displaying the new Rootsystem XL version.

Just come back from a stunning flight in brilliant sunshine and nil wind in Mid Wales. Everywhere else seemed to be fog bound. Absolutely beautiful, accompanied by a variety of hawks making the most of the rare winter lift.

Pop in and say hello at the Flying Show.

1st September 2012

The weather has held (as yet) for the LAA Rally. We sold out on Friday. Back today with more stock. See you there.

28th May 2012

Great weekend at AeroExpo at Sywell. Sunshine all weekend and some great aerobatic displays. Showed the new RS XL ground anchors with the blue 18" stakes. The weather forecast was uncertain but it held off in the end. Windy but sunny. Quite a few aircraft using AIR-CAMP kit. ROOTSYSTEM XL was excellent for the soft ground.

15th May 2012

Great weekend at Popham. The weather forecast was uncertain but it held off in the end - the ground was very soft though. Quite a few aircraft using AIR-CAMP kit. ROOTSYSTEM XL is excellent for soft ground.

See you at AeroExpo at Sywell 25th-27th May. We are bringing the tent. Look out for it just north of HALL B.

23rd April 2012

See you at Popham Microlight Trade Show. The weather forcast is for unsettled weather but with some calm interludes. Lets hope we get a calm interlude. See you there.

24th March 2012

Flew into Cranfield last week. The first sun for a while but quite a cross wind. I had the AIR-CAMP kit in the back so I parked up on the grass and tied down. All done in a couple of minutes and I could be certain that it would still be there when I got back!

11th January 2012

Happy new year to you. I hope you survived Christmas and the Winter gales. Lets hope thats it for now and we can get some flying in.

8th December (Windy) 2011

Make sure of your Christmas delivery - order by 19th December at the latest for UK deliveries by Christmas. Have a good one!

Thanks everyone who visited the AIR-CAMP Outpost at the Flying Show. We had a great time and it was good to hear about your experiences. One or two related the experience of being caught out alone on a gusty airfield where you just have to get it tied down ASAP. Glad to hear that AIR-CAMP is helping out an increasing number of pilots.

AIR-CAMP launches two new products at the UK Flying Show on 26th-27th November at the NEC.

Come and visit the AIR-CAMP Outpost on stand 76.

22nd July 2011

REEL-TIE on the rack! A recent tensile strength test of a REEL-TIE tiedown showed that it could withstand a force of at least 0.26 metric tonnes - a little under the weight of 3 adults.

The test machine ran out of juice at that point so we still don't know yet its ultimate strength - but the test REEL-TIE operated quite normally once it was taken off the machine - we are confident that it can withstand a lot more - watch this space.

22nd June 2011

AIR-CAMP featured in the SUMMER 2011 FLYER magazine: ... 'it was easy to use and held well' ... 'it's a nicely designed and engineered system' ... 'light weight and small size make it ideal for flights where space and useful load is at a premium'

20th June 2011
High winds and rain last weekend at the Sywell UK AeroExpo. Very few lighter aircraft made it although there was plenty of heavy metal on show. The organisers looked after us really well but Friday night saw me out in the pouring rain and wind adding a tarp over the fuselage to keep the rain out. I used four AIR-CAMP ground anchors & reel-ties to hold it down - it only took five wet minutes - then back in the tent to ride out the storm.

15th June 2011
The AIR-CAMP outpost will be at the AeroExpo show at Sywell near Northampton at the weekend (Fri 17th - Sun 19th). My Shadow will be on display in the Light Sport Area tied down with the AIR-CAMP kit. Please come along and say hello. Is the world getting more windy? Seems like it is from the beginning of this flying season.

2nd May 2011
Thank you everyone who visited the AIR-CAMP outpost at Popham last weekend. If you flew in you will know that the wind was pretty relentless and gusting 25knots. But the ROOTSYSTEM kit coped easily with the stoney and friable Popham soil and the REEL-TIEs secured my Shadow in a few seconds. It was solid as a rock even through the 25 knot gusts. See the gallery for pictures.

17th Apr 2011
Let's hope the weather is good for Popham. See you there.

10th Mar 2011
TIP: For an even quicker get away you can unscrew one or two of the ROOTSYSTEM stake heads which makes more room inside. There's no need to carry all of the heads as you can swap them over when you need to push them in - even lighter too!

1st Mar 2011
Microlight Flying magazine runs 'Now that's handy' article on REEL-TIE in the March 2011 issue.15th Feb 2011
New 'Shop' page added to the website. This makes purchasing a bit easier.7th Feb 2011
New 'HowTo' page added to the website. This shows how to use REEL-TIE and ROOTSYSTEM. Comments welcome. 6th Feb 2011
Some of you asked 'why only nine stakes?'. As I couldn't think of a reason ... All ROOTSYSTEMs are now supplied with the maximum 12 stakes. Three extra FREE!!

The Flying Show
Thank you everyone who visited the AIR-CAMP outpost at the Flying Show at the NEC. And thank you everyone who bought systems. Please keep in contact and let us know how you get on and where you fly out to. I'll try and post any photos on the site.

It was great to hear from those of you who have been using our early model - still enjoying use after many years and many fly-outs.