Adventure equipment for air camping


Tying your aircraft down should be quick and easy

Carrying around lengths of rope risks entanglement and takes ages to unravel and to wind up again - especially when its cold and wet.

REEL-TIE gives you just the right length and a single click to secure.

What if ... you could just unreel a length of webbing and instantly clip your aircraft to the ground?

REEL-TIE is designed for purpose. It is simply a lightweight reel of high strength webbing with a strong stainless steel snaphook on the end. Another snaphook clips the reel onto the ground anchor. To connect up you just loop the webbing through the aircraft tie down point and clip the snaphook back onto the reel. Thats it.

REEL-TIE allows just the right length to be reeled out - the rest stays on the reel so there is no excess to flail about. Two equal forces are transmitted through both sides of the webbing loop so the reel experiences no net rotational force but twice the strength.


REEL-TIE is a perfect stow away on your next adventure.

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