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ROOTSYSTEM XL extends the capability of the classic ROOTSYSTEM. Twice as long - it is designed to cope with a wider variety of ground conditions. Select two nine inch rock stakes for hard ground or two 18 inch hollow stakes for soft ground. For best performance on medium ground, both types can be deployed.

The ROOTSYSTEM XL aircraft tie down ground anchor set is designed to be an effective set of three ground ROOTSYSTEM XL anchors using up to four stakes each (two rock stakes and two soft ground stakes -12 in all) - the anchors form their own carrying box.

Each of the three ROOTSYSTEM XL tie down anchors holds two rock stakes and two soft ground stakes held firmly at right angles in a frame but when the stakes are removed and stowed, the frames act as a container, keeping the stakes together and protecting the interior of the aircraft from the sharp points and keeping any mud debris inside.


A perfect stow away on your next fly in or adventure

The mountaineering stakes used are longer than standard pegs; lightweight but very strong. Also, they have a wide 'button' on top that allow the stakes to be pushed into most soils although you may need a hammer or a handy rock for hard baked surfaces. The stakes themselves will stand up to nailing into breeze block. The soft ground stakes are long and wide, giving high pull out strength in soft ground.

As for connecting your plane to your ROOTSYSTEM XL ... the Australian government gives this advice: 'Tie down rope is only as good as the knot you use. Use an anti-slip knot like the bowline “figure eight” or “round turn and two half hitches”. Don’t use reef knots because they are unreliable, particularly for synthetic rope.

Or do it the easy way and use an AIR-CAMP REEL-TIE

ROOTSYSTEM is manufactured to the highest standards and has been extensively tested in a variety of soils.

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