Adventure equipment for air camping


Isn't flying out to a grass strip somewhere beautiful, parking up and pitching camp one of life's best experiences. But often looking after the basics gets forgotten in the excitment. But just like mountaineering, sailing or any adventure sport - having effective kit that is built for purpose makes all the difference.

Do you recognise these situations:

Its a busy fly in - the last thing you feel like doing on arrival is to spend half-an-hour tying the plane down. You know how it goes - its such a faf and you've got to book in and ...


Its cold. You've just landed and your fingers are like icicles. Untangling the ropes; adjusting the length; and tying the knots and is such a chore in the cold & wet when you can't feel your fingers...


The wind is a tad more exciting that you thought it would be. You handled the landing brilliantly but you are now at an exposed airfield with a gusting wind threatening to blow you downwind into the fence. You need to tie down immediately!

In these situations REEL-TIE and ROOTSYSTEM work together quickly and effectively when you need them in all weathers - but without the faf - so you can walk away with peace of mind.

A quick and effective aircraft tie-down system that is compact and light enough to fly with every time you go away to that dream airstrip.

Protect your aircraft against storm, gusts and prop wash. Using better kit is just plain sensible.








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